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Corona Virus

Mar 25, 2020

Dear Local Residents/Customers

As proprietor of 1st Call Services I have taken the decision to carry on attending emergencies to our existing customers and for new ones.  This will continue while ever I or my family are not showing any symptoms.  The rest of my staff I have furloughed for the safety of them and their families.

When attending properties this protocol has been carried out:

When I arrive i call them on the phone so I do not touch their door or bell.

When I enter the property I immediately wash my hands thoroughly at their kitchen sink.  The customer operates the taps for me and squirts liquid soap on to my hands to avoid me touching anything.  

While I am in the property I take great care not to handle anything other than what I need to work on.

I hope this gives you some peace of mind and gives you one less thing to worry about in this trying time.

Stat safe everyone.

Best Wishes.


Let Customer Down & Knock on Effect

Oct 15, 2019

Serviced a long standing customer's boiler in Eastwood today.  Last year we failed to reply to her service request in the timely manner that we pride our selves on.  

As well as servicing her Worcester Bosch boiler we also fitted it 6 years ago and fitted a full heating system for her son 2 years ago. 

In conversation she told me that she used another company last year to service her boiler and on the strength of being happy with the boiler service she recommended them to her mum to replace her boiler.  The outcome was that her mum has now had a very poor quality boiler poorly fitted by this company.  There have been multiple issues which the company has not dealt with.  I know of the company, as I now have another customer who also had a boiler very poorly fitted by them.  I am not prepared to name the company as the owners of rogue companies tend to be very nasty people.

In conclusion I feel very sorry for my customer's mum and feel a degree of guilt knowing that had I responded promptly to my customer's service request then it would have been us that would have fitted her mum's boiler which would have been fitted to a high standard and her mum would have avoided all the stress.  She would also now be the proud owner of a Worcester Bosch boiler with the peace of mind of knowing that it is covered by a 10 year no quibble parts and labour guarantee from Worcester Bosch.

Sad day


David Ryther (proprietor)

An Annual Boiler Service IS Needed

Oct 21, 2018

Had to repair my neighbour's boiler this week. An expensive repair that could have been avoided if he had not neglected to have his boiler serviced annually. Modern boilers DO need an annual service. The vast majority of our customers get an email and a text 2 weeks before there service is due so there are no excuses.

Student on Work Experience

Apr 17, 2018

Last week we were joined by Jack Hamlyn a local lad from Benfleet who is studying at Prospects college in Basildon.  We have supported prospects college for over 10 years and we were pleased to have Jack along with us and to give him some work experience.

Frozen Condensate pipes

Mar 05, 2018

Last week was hellish for many homeowners who found their boilers stopped working due to frozen condensate pipes.  Thankfully this applied to very few of our customers as we install them to manufacturers instructions.  We did however take literally dozens of calls at ALL hours from non existing customers asking for help.  We were not able to visit them, but helped many out over the phone by telling them how to unfreeze their pipes.  Below are a couple of the reviews that were left afterwards on Checkatrade.com  

Worcester Bosch Ad campaign starts on Monday

Feb 10, 2018

Look out for Worcester the cat who will hit our TV screens from Monday 12th February.

Second Van Sign Writing Error

Jan 28, 2018

Unfortunately I spotted an error when I went to collect our second van from the sign writers.  Can you spot the error?????

New Van Signage on Rear Doors

Jan 14, 2018

Really pleased with the new look to the rear of our vans.  This should certainly catch the eye of motorists behind us.

New Showroom Sign is Now Up.

Jan 08, 2018

We are delighted with the new showroom sign and can't wait to get it illuminated.  We are now clearly visible to thousands of people driving in and out of Southend on the A127.  We are now working closely with Worcester Bosch to get the showroom fitted out. 

10 year comprehensive

Nov 01, 2017

From now until the end of February 2018 we are able to offer a 10 year comprehensive no quibble parts and labour guarantee on every Worcester Bosch boiler we fit.

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